Saturday, August 7, 2010

Irish Sketching Expedition

We began a watercolor sketching expedition yesterday in Galway city, Ireland yesterday where our son Dan has been living for the last year.

Dan has a regular session gig at the Tig Cóilí pub on Mainguard Street in Galway. Yesterday he played a few tunes with the great bodhrán player Johnny Ringo McDonagh, fiddler Mick Conneelly and 18-year-old all-Ireland fiddler Dylan Foley.

De Dannan co-founder Dolores Keane sat by Dan’s side and thrilled us all with her rendition of “Galway Bay,” with Dan accompanying on his Paolo Soprani accordion.

They all headed off for more gigs, so we walked through the mist to see the old boats resting on the mossy rocks of the harbor at low tide. Black crows and white swans convened around us, hungrily eyeing our McVitie's Digestives.


goat89 said...

Careful them birds, lest they Hitchcock you. ;)
Have fun in Ireland Mr Gurney.

Steve said...

Very sweet post. Wonderful to see the imagery on the Galway Bay video (note landscape painter). I notice Dan's shirt has an Irish dinosaur on it. Now about those McVitie's...plain or chocolate covered?

Annie said...

Your son is a very talented young player. Hope I get to play in a session with him someday :-) Love the sketches as always.