Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alaska Residency Opportunity

The U.S. Forest Service will be hosting an artist residency in Alaska called "Voices of the Wilderness" for nine days this summer.  

(Above: Previous resident Kathy Hodge painting at View Beach in front of the Harriman Glacier -- note mosquito protection.) 

According to coordinator Barbara Lydon, it will be an “opportunity for artists to accompany a wilderness ranger in Alaska for up to nine days.  Artists may travel by sea kayak, skiff, tour boat, foot, and airplane. They will be immersed in the wilderness in ways that few people experience. They will camp along intimate fiords, walk through towering rain forests, and have the opportunity to see whales, sea otters, bears and other wildlife. 
Postmark you application by April 20.


David Still said...

Oh man, I would love to be there! I hope they do something similar in 5-10 years when I could actually paint...

Kurt said...

Luckily I live here in Alaska and get to experience it all; including winter, each season has its incredible beauty and challenges.

Sakievich said...

This would be a fantastic opportunity!

Kathy Hodge said...

Imagine my surprise when checking into one of my favorite blogs and seeing my picture! That's me painting at view point last August. I HIGHLY recommend this program. The Forest Rangers who run it are GREAT, and of course the location is not too shabby either. Here's some of my impressions
I'm happy to answer questions about my experience, and despite the photo, the bugs were not really bad, we only brought out the headnets a few times.
Thanks for posting this, I love your blog!