Thursday, October 9, 2014

Video Chat for Outdoor Painter Magazine

(Link to video)
Here's a short video chat I did in Wyoming for Bob Bahr of Outdoor Painter magazine. He asked me about gouache, casein, watercolor, and our cross-country sketching adventure.

Here's the painting I was working on when I did the interview.
SKB Foundation, a weeklong painting workshop in Wyoming in September
Outdoor Painter article
"Watercolor in the Wild" at Sellfy (Paypal) or Gumroad (credit cards)


Justin Donaldson said...

I have one question about casein. How do you keep it from drying out on your palette, especially as the weather gets hotter?

James Gurney said...

Justin, I squeeze it out on damp paper towel, and that greatly increases the working time. You can also use a water sprayer to "spritz" it once in a while.