Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wisdom from Veterans

A couple of the guys that go to the diner are veterans, and they love to talk. I sketch them and write down what I hear. 


A Colonel of Truth said...

Nice sketch and true words, James. "There's nothing glorious about sweaty fellows going off to fight..." Colonel John W. Thomason, USMC (Marine, artist, author - awarded Navy Cross WWI) His book - 'Fix Bayonets' - a classic (his stories augmented by his wonderful sketches).

Sharon Matchett said...

I'm sure you have been asked and have answered this question many times before, but where and how do you start when you do a sketch like this?

Mitch said...

Sharon, to get a proverbial over the shoulder look at JG's working process, I highly recommend his "Watercolor in the Wild" video. Lots of down to earth insight and practical tips there. The (self-produced) video production quality is also a delight. Links are on the left somewhere of the blog main page. This has been an unsolicited plug from a happy customer.