Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Animation Tests

(Link to video)  Here are a few animation tests — Sprocket runs,  eats paper,  and Clement grabs some power ups.

Here's a still frame showing the motion blur and live-action dynamics captured in-camera.


Pierre Fontaine said...

I've always loved stop motion animation and find the experiments and short films you are making to be really fascinating, insightful, and charming. The fact that some of the ways you overcome some fundamental problems with stop-motion is very low-tech adds to the charm.

As an aside, one of my favorite films of all time is the spectacularly horrible Italian Star Wars rip-off "StarCrash" made in the late 1970's. What I love about the film are the low-tech effects. The ships were pulled along on rods hidden by the camera and masked out using a variation of Harryhausen's Dynamation technique, all done on the original negative. Attempts are made at doing stop-motion animation that are pretty crude but charming at the same time. Some of your techniques remind me of these low-budget, ingenious methods of creating special effects.

Thanks as always for sharing!

Steve said...

In a similar vein is Will Vinton’s 1978 film, Claymation. Inspired.

Daniel Pauhl said...

Have you tried animating some of your paintings?