Saturday, December 30, 2017

Willard Mullin and Sports Cartooning

In the 20th century, sporting events were often covered by cartoonists, who captured the action in exaggerated poses. 
This series shows what happened when featherweight
Willie Pep's dislocated shoulder stopped the match.
One of the greatest was Willard Mullin (1902-1978), who worked for the New York World-Telegram. He is best known for creating the "Brooklyn Bum" character, a reference to the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Mullin often attend the games, sketched key poses, and worked up the drawings for publication in his studio. 

His cartoons are fast, loose, and relaxed, often created under intense deadline pressure. But beneath the surface was a solid understanding of drawing and anatomy.
Flickr set by Leif Peng on Willard Mullin
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Dan Zimmer said...

The great Willard Mullin was profiled in ILLUSTRATION magazine #20. (This issue also featured Andrew Loomis.) Sadly this one is sold out, but they occasionally appear on eBay, etc.

Alan Anderson said...

Thank James: Another cartoonist I like is Bill Mauldin. WW2 cartoons,,, reference Bill Mauldin’s Army

Anne Shingleton said...

Just to say a BIG THANK YOU James and all your team/family that support you, for another enriching year of informative blog posts.

Wishing you good health and happiness ( and all that stuff . . .) for 2018.

~Anne Shingleton

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