Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Picture This" Comedy

"Picture This" is a form of live comedy where a stand-up comedian on stage is paired with a cartoonist offstage who draws quick sketches on a tablet. The drawings are projected in real time on a big screen behind the performer.

The comedians don't know what the cartoonist is going to draw, and the cartoonist doesn't know what kind of spin the comedian will give their drawing.

Cartoonists in this show include Mike Mayfield, and comedians include Brandon Vaughan. (Link to video)

In a lot of Picture This performances, the humor is pretty raunchy, but in this show at the Kennedy Center, it's more or less PG-13.
Picture This website


CAD vantage said...

You are always having me go down a "rabbit hole" and when I find the potion to get big again, you are a million light years ahead.
Can't you just throw me in back of your Radio Flyer?

Love your thought process.

James Gurney said...

Thanks for riding the Radio Flyer into these rabbit holes! We're all on the journey together.