Thursday, September 12, 2019

Wildlife Art Exhibition in Cincinnati

An exhibit of over 250 pieces of original wildlife artwork by 80 contemporary artists—including three of my dinosaur paintings—opens tomorrow, September 13, at the Cincinnati Museum Center in Ohio.
Khaan mckennai, oil on board by James Gurney
Artists in the show include: Greg Beecham, Robert Bateman, Guy Coheleach, James Gurney, Mort Solberg, Kent Ullberg, John Seerey-Lester, Jim Coe, Suzie Seerey-Lester, and John Ruthven.

The contemporary artwork was all created in the last three years, and most of it is available for purchase.
T. rex Family Bathing, 14 x 18, oil on panel
The show is called In the Audubon Tradition, recognizing that all contemporary wildlife artists — including paleoartists —  owe a debt to the pioneering work of John James Audubon (1785-1851).

T. rex in Forest, 14 x 18, oil on panel
The Museum's website says: "Explore Cincinnati Museum Center's 200-year history through the artwork of John James Audubon, John A. Ruthven and the next generation of wildlife artists. The exhibition features original works of art, including all four volumes of Audubon's Bird of America and charcoal sketches and paintings from Ruthven. Accompanying the treasured artwork are scientific specimens immortalized on canvas by the artists, including the Great Auk, an extinct bird painted by both artists."

Here's a promo video. (Link to YouTube video)

The exhibition closes January 5, 2020.
Museum website


Penny Taylor said...

Oh heck, I really like to see this. Somebody send plane ticket 😍🤣

Virginia Rinkel said...

I agree with Penny Taylor. Congratulations James on your Wildlife Art Show in Cincinnati.

mheinze said...
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mheinze said...

James, I have always admired your work, love your Blog/youtube! I notice that these paintings were done on Panel.
I have been an illustrator for many years. I am looking to do some gallery paintings, but as an illustrator Ive always worked on Illustration board. I've produced oil paintings on linen canvas, but I like working on the flat surface. I dislike canvas panels, and instead would like to work on a masonite type panel, small and larger paintings 9x12 & 24x30. Could you give me a recommendation on which masonite-like panel (small or large) would be acceptable quality-wise for gallery purposes?