Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Jeanette Cooking

A casein underpainting sets up a warm color tonality for this quick gouache study. (Link to Facebook)


Sheridan said...

This is a question that is unrelated to your post; which is very nice by the way; that I hope you may have some input.

I have always used Winsor & Newton gouache, but recently bought a tube of M. Graham titanium white. I switched on the white only,because it comes in a much larger tube, and usually use more white than other colors of gouache. I had been painting daily with it for a couple weeks, and noticed that it wasn't white but buff colored. To be clear. The paint looked white on the pallete, but as soon as it was applied to the painting it looked buff. I first thought that it was because of dirty water, or brush, as I was painting on location. This happened a few times, so one day I started out with white first, and got the same results. I went home scrubbed a brush with soap and water, dipped it in clean water, and got the same result. I also have M. Graham zinc white. I tried that with better results.
My question is this. I'm guessing in your career you have used several brands/types of white gouache, which one do you consider to be the whitest?

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