Friday, October 23, 2020

Casein: 'Oil on Fast Forward'


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Richeson casein set


Adam Greenow said...

Hi James, I just got a book on the illustrator Robert E Mcginnis and was surprised all his work was in tempera. What would the advantage of tempera be over gouache or casien?

Paul Michel said...

Hi James, love your blog and you youtube channel.

Have you ever taken the plane with casein? Is it possible to travel with it (either checked in or in carry-on)? I've seen a post of yours about traveling with art supplies but it is from 2013 and I feel like restrictions have gotten tougher over the years.

James Gurney said...

Paul, I would not recommend casein for taking on an airplane for three reasons:
1. It has a rather strong smell that not everyone loves.
2. The tubes might be too big for the minimum homeland security limits.
3. If it dries on your brush, it can wreck the brush.