Monday, October 19, 2020

'The Two Painters' by Aranda

The Two Painters by José Jiménez Aranda, 1886 


Alana Dill said...

I have had almost no experience with plein air. I once tried to draw a tree and wound up drawing a whole lot of bark :-D

There's another problem: Green. There's so much green in the world. How the hell does one figure out how to get from the green in the tube to the green that stuns me? bacause I see a million greens, and some of them would be so garish in a painting but they bring the landscape alive.

I know, practice practice practice. :-D

André Mata said...

What a wonderful painter this guy was! Love the way he varies the greens in the ground and the color in the figures, very organic to me.

Bill Marshall said...

I want that guys three-legged stool.