Monday, June 28, 2021

Arbitrary Color Shift

Here's a house in Philmont, New York, with an arbitrary color shift from cool to warm gouache.

The time lapse from Instagram shows the sequence. 


Jim Douglas said...

Very evocative painting, Jim. I made a similar random color shift in an architectural rendering once. (I was infatuated with Bernie Fuchs at that moment and couldn't resist experimenting with the effect in my own work.) I really loved the atmospheric result... but I seriously confused the client. "What color is our house going to be?" Haha. I guess sometimes you have to be literal. In the world of architectural rendering, it's always a balancing act between fine art, illustration, and specification.

arturoquimico said...

AS a retired chemist who is familiar with color, light, visible spectrum, etc. it is always amazing to me how artists can see color shifts I never noticed for 50 years. I once saw a local artist do a portrait using pastels starting with blue on the left, and ending with red on the right, but somehow the face in the middle looked FLESH!!! Now I watch in the same astounded and am amazed way how a white house shows up in the middle, yet it is surrounded by blues and yellows! Great DEMO! Maestro!