Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Lego Build of Waterfall City

Brick E. McBrickface created this motorized Lego build of Waterfall City.

"At 2,650 pieces and measuring 27x40 cm, this build is designed at a realistic scale for production."

"The set can be displayed from any angle as a collector's piece, while the playable features invite interaction."

Technic lovers will appreciate the 33 gears, 36 treads, and various axles included."

"Animating the scene is a single Powered Up Move Hub which activates a hidden system of gears and treads that simultaneously drive the flowing river, 3 rolling falls, and the spinning One World Globe and the waterway passage underneath it."



Susan Krzywicki said...

Everything about this post is fascinating, including the Lego creator's name.

Jennifer Kunz said...

Agreed! 🙂

Bells said...


Nathan Heigert said...

Support the project here!: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/780b49ab-4fac-41f3-8986-fcab3f91de60