Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Supply Poll Results

The results are in from the art supply poll. There were 465 responses to the question “Where do you get your art supplies?” Here’s how they break down, ranked and linked:

1. Local art store    287 votes
2. Dick Blick    240 votes
3. Michael's   114 votes
4. Jerry's Artarama   72 votes
5. Direct from manufacturer   51 votes
6. Art Supply Warehouse    49 votes
7. Cheap Joe's   35 votes
8. Pearl Fine Art  21 votes
9. Flax  4 votes
10. Richeson   0 votes
See the first post announcing the poll, with 30 helpful reader comments. Also, the website Wet Canvas has a forum with discussion of pros and cons of Jerry's, ASW,  and other suppiers.

Today is "Cyber Monday," so a lot of the online art supply companies, as well as Amazon (who I forgot to mention), have special deals today.


Steve said...

I've wondered for a few years if Jerry's Artarama and Art Supply Warehouse are combined companies. Their prices tend to be identical for the items I shop. They are both based in Raleigh, NC. On my credit card statements, charges to Art Supply Warehouse are given as JAI*ASW catalog.

JAI? Jerry's Artarama Incorporated? It seems unlikely it's the Sanskrit word for "victory" or "hurray."

And finally, for those who can bear it, here's a link to a Zippy the Pinhead strip featuring the recurring character, Jerry Artarama:

James Gurney said...

Steve, yes, I think you're right: JA and ASW are somehow part of the same company or sister companies or something. We also noticed similar addresses and account info.

It reminds me of the two competing cave attractions in central New York: Secret Caverns and nearby Howe's Caverns. They appear to be rivals and have a very different gestalt, until you get your canceled checks back.

Adam Rex said...

Huh. Is Utrecht not as ubiquitous as I think it is?

Castle in the Air said...

Hooray for supporting local shops!! We love our customers!!

Speaking of love - I am a huge fan of this blog and have followed it daily for months now. I wanted to extend a warm thank you for all the work that you pour into it. You have created a wonderful, rich community here and I love reading the comments from fellow readers nearly as much as the original posts. Who could ask for more?!

Anonymous said...

"How painting surpasses all human works by reason of the subtle possibilities which it contains."
Leonado da Vinci 1452 - 1519

Changewinds said...

Daniel Smith isn't a contender? They've got some lovely supplies and some hard-to-find items at reasonable prices.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Changewinds. My mistake. I knew I forgot someone. And I've even ordered from them. Sorry, D.S.