Monday, November 22, 2010


I did this portrait in a bistro while waiting for the salad. Christophe Curien is an painter/sculptor from Paris. He was concentrating on watching the drawing, so he has a rather serious expression.

I used two or three water-soluble colored pencils, and I painted the background with a water brush filled with fountain-pen ink.

Thanks, Christophe and Michael. 
Christophe's website


tiffannysketchbook said...

wonderful portrait

Unknown said...


I was wondering: how often do you have to look at your subject while drawing, until the portrait is done?
In other words: How far does an accomplished portraitist (as you are) have to go "reference-wise?"

Short intervals? Long intervals?
Something in between?

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Tiffany. Richard, I don't know, really, but probably every ten or fifteen seconds or so. I think it depends what part of the portrait I'm working on.

Joseph Miller said...

I was curious about the kind of water soluble pencils you use and what colors do you find that you use the most?

James Gurney said...

I use mainly Caran d'Ache pencils, in black and three or four browns. The water is from a Niji water brush. All very portable.