Friday, November 26, 2010

Color and Light Reviews

Thanks to Charley Parker for the really nice and detailed review of Color and Light on his blog Lines and Colors.  Lines and Colors review of Color and Light

And to Adam Koford of Drawn! for his short-and-sweet review.  Review of C&L on Drawn!
Previous review (and flip-through) on Spectrum
Color and Light on Amazon internationally: USA | CA | UK | FR | DE | JP
Color and Light on Barnes &
Color and Light on IndieBound (Independent booksellers)
Color and Light signed by the author from the Dinotopia Store


Daniel Ljunggren said...

Hi James,
Big fan of your work.
Been trying at 2 of the biggest online book stores here in Sweden, they both got back to me saying the book was sold out.. or no longer available. Must be good sales or small supply? Hoping to get it somewhere soon..


Gary Geraths said...

Hey James.... Its Gary geraths from Otis College. Just got your Color and light book today and boy what great job with the color plates and selections. Only a quaryer way through and thanks for putting out a well needed volume.Perhaps this your first thumbs up review from the common artist. Nice meeting you and having you speak at the college and having the honor of getting my ugly mug in your blog! Hope you are doing well and hope you use that Animal Drawing Book.

tayete said...

Amazon told me a couple of days ago my preordered book was on its way!
I have no nails left.

Lucas Durham said...

Hey Mr. Gurney,
Just got my copy of Color and Light yesterday. Unfortunately, I was only able to skim it because I had to leave and catch a train and go to Rome. The only portion I was able to read was the section "The Green Problem."

I'm glad I did. Today at the Sistine Chapel, I noticed that Michelangelo had used green throughout the ceiling, and was applied the solutions you had outlined in your book!

I knew I'd find your book enlightening, but I didn't realize how quickly I'd apply it!

James Gurney said...

Hey, Gary, good to see you at Otis. Yes, I am enjoying your animal drawing book, and recommend it to others:

Daniel, I added some links for international sources (Amazon at least) for the English edition.

Hi, Lucas, how lucky to see the Sistine chapel.

capprotti said...

I had the chance to FINALLY flip through Imaginative realism the other day which finally sealed the deal that I need to (and will) pick it as well as this book up. I'm in desperate need of some quality art knowledge right now and it doesn't get much better than this. Thanks for sharing your discovery and journey James.

Unknown said...

I just got my copy yesterday and was an hour late for work looking at it! I can't thank you enough for publishing this. I never learned any of this in all my years of college studying Illustration! Whoops - I'll head on over to Amazon and put my review in over there - just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work!

kat said...

Just got my copy! Congratulations on another exceptionally beautiful and helpful book.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, everybody. You all had a hand in making the book. I never could have written it if I didn't have the motivation to do blog posts, and the correction/inspiration of your comments. Also, the cover was the popular vote.

Pati Springmeyer said...

You are a remarkable teacher and inspirer - and do that for the broad spectrum of artists from cartoonists to fine art realist painters - double wow. Don't stop!
Pati Springmeyer