Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spectrum 17

The new issue of Spectrum has touched down on store shelves and mailboxes. The oversize art book showcases 400 digital and traditional paintings by 300 artists in the field of contemporary fantastic art.

The categories include Advertising, Book, Comics, Concept Art, Dimensional, Editorial, Institutional, and Unpublished.

In an essay at the beginning of the book, co-founder Arnie Fenner gives a health assessment of each of those categories. Even though times are tough, the artists overall have managed to produce some of the most striking, memorable, and ambitious paintings ever, making it clear that we’re living right now in the Golden Age of fantastic art. 

Spectrum 17 at Amazon
Spectrum News
Video Flip-Through
Spectrum 18 Call for Entries


Unknown said...

A futur gift for Chrismas :)

Anonymous said...

I love flipping through the Spectrum books!