Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Muddy Colors Blog

The new blog called "Muddy Colors" brings together an all-star line-up of illustrators and designers with daily insights into the thinking behind the art of contemporary fantastic art.

In the last five posts:
Dan Dos Santos reflects on digital versus traditional and violence in covers.
Arnie Fenner describes how movie posters and paperback covers got him fired up about art.
Greg Manchess shows how he painted a cover with clockwork fairies.
Jon Foster explains how he uses thumbnails to find the best image.
Dan Dos Santos shows the various sketches on a job and the thinking behind them.

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Vicki said...

Thank you for introducing us to this blog. The post by Jon Foster about thumbnails alone is worth the visit! He says, "My expertise and imagination---or lack of these---were not the reason my images were falling flat. It was the fact that I was shortchanging them from the beginning by taking short cuts." And goes on to describe the preliminary work--largely quick, with a lot of help from the subconscious--that comes before he even starts the picture. Beautiful!