Saturday, November 6, 2010

French Bulldog

This little fellow was a passenger on the train from Nantes to Bourges yesterday.

His owner had a little blue padded bed for him and encouraged him to sleep, but he preferred to glance out the window. When I made bird-whistle noises, he looked over at me so I could do his portrait.


SKIZO said...


Guillaume.L said...

So you were in Nantes !! You will be at the Utopiales this year?

Mario said...

You may want to spell it "bouledogue" next time, just to comply a little with "l'esprit de grandeur"... just kidding, hope no one feels offended :)

tiffannysketchbook said...

way to go drawing and painting on a train! I would get so sick! :(
i love your watercolor sketches.

Johan said...

They are very popular here in Belgium... unfortunately... ugliest dogs I've ever seen YUK!

Ofcourse they can't help it, that much is true

Unknown said...

it looks so cute! great shapes and forms as well :D