Friday, December 24, 2010

Suitcase Santas

Best wishes to all who are traveling today. Right now some of you are waiting in airports, driving on busy roads, or standing on train platforms.

To all of you suitcase Santas, safe journeys, and may the season bring you closer to those you love.


My Pen Name said...

Merry Christmas James and all GJ posters

PS The Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge has a really good selection of paintings showing now, including Main Street at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

You delight me with your Suitcase Santa good wishes! Hear, hear! and good cheer!

John Fleck said...

Happy Christmas to all, and a big thanks to JG for the HUGE dose of inspiration this site and his books have given me!


Carolyn said...

Very cool. I really enjoy this blog--thank you for sharing!
Merry Christmas!

Don Cox said...

Happy Christmas to James and all his readers !

Erik Bongers said...

Best Wishes!