Monday, January 10, 2011

Spectrum Deadline Looms

Spectrum: Annual of Contemporary Fantastic Art has been going strong for 17 years, and the books keep getting bigger and better.

I remember having lunch way back around 1992 with a couple named Arnie and Cathy Fenner who had this crazy proposal to do a juried book of imaginative painting. I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter ever since that moment.

Arnie and his wife Cathy have put the book together every year, and they’ve done it in their spare time while being fully employed in other design jobs (though Cathy's free now to devote her considerable talents full-time). It’s a monumental task to sort through the submissions, bring the jury to Kansas City, get the files for the accepted entries, and then design and produce the book.

It’s really hard to get work accepted in Spectrum, but it’s always worth trying. The entry fees are very reasonable. If you have a series entry, such as a group of images from a single book, it’s only $40 for up to five entries. And if you get any piece accepted, they send you a copy of the book for free, something that the other annuals usually don’t do. It’s good to have something in Spectrum, because it’s is the first place art directors look for talent. 

So whether you’re a student, pro, or weekend warrior: mark you calendar: The entry deadline is January 28. Download the form, get your stuff together, and do it!
Spectrum Annual on Amazon
Call for Entries and Submission Forms
The Spectrum Blog


Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks for reminding me :)

Tim Fitzgerald said...

Good Afternoon James,
I have a question. As I look at your blog I confess that I covet your Taboret. It's small and really functional. It also looks as if you may have built it yourself. Is that the case? Would you give us an idea about how you built it perhaps withe some instructions,sizes and some good photos.
Thanks Tim Fitz

Unknown said...

World's best bookends.

Russell Dickerson said...

I was honored to be a part of Spectrum 9 a number of years ago, and I try to send something every year. It's a milestone for me that's amazing to have reached, and I always work towards improving and trying to get in again. Even without being in it, it's a fascinating look at the current trends of art. It's also a great historical document of art of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, something I plan on passing down to my children.

Thanks for the reminder too, though picking the ones to send is always difficult.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention this. I've just prepared the envelope yesterday with my first ever submission :)

Fantasio said...

I´m guilty of successfully "not submitting" every year for the same old reasons: too expensive shipping from overseas, too long shipping times and the odd feeling of how much CO2 my submission might cost the environment and for what sake? I bet (and hope) a lot "more" talented people think so too. If the jury one day will change their "fun at looking all the works" process to an more responsible, environment friendly and economic submission-process you could count me in.

James Gurney said...

Tim, check out the previous post about the taboret:

It's made over a drawer unit that i got from an art supply catalog, forgot which.

Good luck, everyone, with your Spectrum entries!