Friday, June 17, 2011

Building Fantastical Worlds

Communication Arts magazine has just posted an article by Lisa Cyr based on interviews with Spiderwick creator Tony DiTerlizzi and me.

The article explores how imaginary worlds from illustrated books can develop into other media, such as  film and games.

"Building Fantastical Worlds" at CA
Tony DiTerlizzi's official website
Wondla to be adapted by Paramount
Images from Simon & Schuster and Paramount


Tom Hart said...

Congratulations on that article James.

Not to sidetrack, but I notice that one of your featured paintings is oil on canvas mounted on board. That's my preferred support normally. Do you mount the canvas to the board yourself? If so, I'd be curious to know about the adhesive you use and the board (masonite? prepped in any way? tempered or untempered?)Probably not something you want to go into here, but perhaps a future post?


P.T. Waugh said...

Merchandising, merchandising! I think there's a little too much focus on making movies out of every kids book ever written, and then videogames, followed by legos and lego videogames.
However, I always want to have a triceratops strutter with removable head, plug in sunstone and a hatch for Bix. Have any connections at Hasbro, James?

phiq said...

This is exactly what I needed!

David Glenn said...

Hopefully someday a big company will adapt Dinotopia into a movie.