Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Robot Hand Design

Attention robot designers: check out the speed and agility of this robot hand, with sophisticated guidance by optical and tactile feedback systems.

The geometry of the hand is very different that of our human hands, and yet capable of lightning dexterity.

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Lord McSquash said...

The robot uprising is getting closer!

So the robots will just tie us up with ropes and throw us in the basement.

Imagine what Disney could do with this kind of powerful, accurate robotics.

Thanks Dan.

Super Villain said...

i have to agree with lord mcsquash, i can only imagine these things turning on us with no mercy, haha.

and i for one dont want to be slapped a thousand times a second, haha....

reminds me of the line in jurassic park, "Instead of asking if we could, did anyone ask if we should" lets hope these words dont haunt us!

Terry said...

Yah, that just kind of creeps me out. Who's happy about this, again?

Jhon said...

@Terry : a LOT of people. Hospitals (surgeon robots with fast and agile hands), crafting industries (way faster than human hand to assemble products on the assembly line), handicaped people (better than a "normal" prosthetic),...

But yeah, 3-finger hand still makes me think of some sort of cop robot gone crazy and running after you.

youngstudios said...

to also quote jurassic park

"how can stand in the light of discover, and not act?"

very creepy though the way this thing moves. very much reminded of I,robot.