Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lucas imprisoned while an imposter made the prequels.

Here's a funny mock-trailer that explains what happened to the Star Wars universe during the last twenty years: George Lucas was kidnapped while an imposter ran around making lame prequels. Never fear: Lucas escapes and rallies his old pals to take back the empire.

Slick Gigolo Via BoingBoing
Direct link to YouTube video


T Arthur Smith said...

best explanation why the prequels are bad is from red letter media.

Nick said...

Haha! Great video.

How do you feel about the obvious *ahem* borrowing of Dinotopia imagery? I'm sure a credit would have been nice!

James Gurney said...

Nick--Yeah, that would have been nice. Here's more on that.

David Glenn said...

I thought the prequel films were good.

T Arthur Smith said...


No, but seriously why? They were pretty?

Anonymous said...

more on that

That was very gracious of you, James. But somehow I can't picture Lucas reciprocating if the roles were reversed.

Nick said...

Thanks for the further info on that matter!
I was around 9 years old at the time The Phantom Menace came out and I straight away thought of Dinotopia when I saw it.