Sunday, June 12, 2011

Envelope Contest Winners

The votes are in from the Group Mind.

Congratulations to Kenneth Fairclough for winning the Envelope Art Contest with the mountain riders drawn in markers and colored pencils. Emily Willoughby came in second with the very delicate drawing of the Anchiornis huxleyi. Patrick Waugh was third in the adult division with his tabletop still life covered with Dinotopian artifacts.

Arthur M. had the most votes in the young people's division with his impressive knight fighting the dinosaur (just the tip of the iceberg of his stack of envelopes). His brother Paul was right behind with his dinosaur origami menagerie. And Cassidy W. got a solid third with the multi-eyed spider and the sauropod. And kudos to Dmitri who did a wonderful drawing, too. At nearly age 5, he's off to a great start.

Everyone will receive a poster (some of you may have received them already), and the finalists will get a set of them. Thanks again to everybody for entering--I'm pleased as punch with the fantastic work you all did.


Emily Willoughby said...

Awesome entries, everyone. The first-place entry is amazing and it was a well-deserved win. I'm quite happy with second place. :)

MrCachet said...

Well, I didn't pick the winner, but it doesn't matter. ALL of them were outstanding pieces of my favorite choice of art - MAIL ART. You can't believe how much people really enjoy getting something besides bills and credit card advertisements in the mail.

GREAT idea, James! Maybe for the next book?

Ken Fairclough said...

Thank you so much to anyone that voted for me! I was extremley suprised because of the volume of amazing work. Thank you Emily for the kind words. I was very impressed with your entry. :D

P.T. Waugh said...

Thanks, James and all of the voters. This was a great contest and it was fun to watch the votes come in.