Thursday, June 30, 2011

Color Workshop Tomorrow

Tomorrow we'll be beginning the three-day "Painting in Colored Light" workshop at Garin Baker's Carriage House Art Studios in Newburgh, New York.

The workshop will be held in the gallery room of Garin's renovated carriage house/barn. On his blog, Garin has been describing the vision and effort that went into fixing up the structure, which was in bad repair when he bought it.That's the "before" picture on upper left.

Look forward to meeting all the attendees!

Garin's Art Blog
More about the Workshop
More about Garin's mural work on Stapleton Kearn's blog


Shane White said...

Oh have such solid space...ugh. It such a premium out here.

Very cool though.


Super Villain said...

oh pain, i knew this workshop was coming up and am so disappointed i wasnt able to make it!

i'm hoping you will have more workshops and lectures coming up later in the same area (new york, delaware, new jersey, maryland), so disappointed to miss this!!

hope you guys have a great time!

James Gurney said...

Don't worry, Eric, there will be other workshops, and I'll make sure to wear my gray socks nice and high just for you!

Super Villain said...

haha! excellent!