Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hugh Ferris Drawings

There’s a Flickr set of 341 drawings by Hugh Ferriss, the early 20th century American architect. The drawings come from the collection at the Avery Library of Columbia University.

The Metropolis of Tomorrow by Ferriss (Dover Books on Architecture)
Wiki on Hugh Ferriss
Via Arkinetblog
Thanks, Kosmograd


Jen Wardell said...

I can't believe I've never seen these before. His lines are incredible. Thank you for sharing!

My Pen Name said...
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My Pen Name said...

i agree these drawings are visually powerful, but I don't think the reality of much of this modern architecture worked out so well.

When you get up close to many of the buildings depicted (like the UN plaza) they are horribly dehumanizing and stark.

Nick said...

Thanks so much for this! Great renderings.

Steve Hall said...

Ferriss is still the standard by which architectural renderings are measured. No manner of 3D rendering or photoshopping can get most of use even close to the quality of space and form his drawings express!