Sunday, October 2, 2011

LA Lectures This Week

Just a reminder to those of you in Los Angeles. I'm heading out there today for a series of lectures, and there are still spaces available at the two public ones, Korpus and LAAFA. Please note that the two lectures cover different topics:

Wednesday, October 5, 7PM-10PM
LAAFA Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art
This lecture looks at composition in a completely new way, beginning with what we know about how we look at pictures from current eye tracking data. We then look at storytelling and how that influences design decisions, and we concentrate a lot on tonal organization, one of the most important elements in good composition.

The workshop will also include a "Q&A"discussion, a demo of various composition sketching and observation sketching techniques. Book-signing to follow.
Tuition: $75. Open to all levels.

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art
16926 Saticoy Street
Van Nuys, CA 91406
More info at their website
Thursday, October 6, 7PM-10PM
Korpus School of Art + Gallery
“Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist” + “Color and Light in the Landscape.” Even if you’ve got the books, these talks go deeper, and the color talk will emphasize what landscape painters need to know. I’ll answer questions and do a quick demo of the watercolor pencil sketch technique. Book-signing to follow.
Tuition: $75. Open to all levels.

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
1300 Factory Place, Unit 308
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: 213-228-2014


aqws said...

Come to London Uk!

Pancho said...

is ... My dream is to one day be able to stop my activities here in Brazil and go to LA to study with masters in LAAFA like you. Inspiring this post.

Chris Lam said...
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Chris Lam said...

I like your Shrunkenheadman shirt! Please come back

Erik Bongers said...

Please remind me what that t-shirt is that you're wearing. It's a school logo, isn't it?

James Gurney said...

Erik, The Shrunkenheadman Club is a wonderful student-run art organization at San Jose State University in northern California.

They helped raise funds for me to come as a speaker, as the government funds practically dried up for artist visits. I believe they also arrange figure sketching groups and outings.

desembrey said...

Hi James. I've been enjoying your articles on Gamut masking, and tonight I stumbled across this item on Richard Robinson's website - I thought you might find it interesting.

Roberto said...

Hey James!
I look forward to seeing you tonight at LAAFA. Welcome back to sunny Southern California.