Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brad Teare webcast tonight at 9:00

Landscape painter Brad Teare will offer his first Concert Window webcast tonight at 9:00 Eastern time.

Concert Window Open is a monetized streaming platform that has so far been used mainly by musicians, but it's also ideal for artists to share their painting techniques and connect with their followers. People can watch from anywhere in the world, paying what they want ($1 minimum), and interacting by means of written messages that the artist can read as he or she works. Brad's wife Debra, herself an accomplished still life painter, will be reading the questions.

Brad has shared his reference photo, and encourages people to paint along with him if he wants.

Brad has also released two YouTube videos leading up to the event, starting with the preliminary drawing (Video link). He did a second video showing how he sketches on canvas. In the webcast tonight, he decided to do the underpainting step, since that's the stage where the most exciting stuff happens.
I did a CWO show last month. It was fun and people asked great questions. Any of you artists reading this might want to consider signing up to host your own show (learn more).

I just signed up to do another one on Sunday, September 29 at 7pm Eastern time. By popular request, I'll be using a limited palette of caseins, and I'll extend the show to 45 minutes. You can sign up to watch my show by following this link.
Sign up to watch Brad's webcast tonight
Brad's blog "Thick Paint"
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