Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CGI short about the life of a spider

This CGI short video portrays the beauty and violence of the life of a spider as it captures and immobilizes a hapless moth. (Video link) It's a fascinating blend of art and science, with a Leo-award winning soundtrack.
Created by the artists at Polynoid and Blacklist, thanks, CG Bros.


James C Skinner said...

Man that is just awesome. All the power and dynamics of this every day occurrence made visible for man.

Historian said...

i love the abstract geometry animation they did to illustrate the envenomation/digestion/protein synthesis process. Really beautiful and visually interesting. I'm a bit surprised though that they skipped the part of the feeding process in which the spider pulls silk from its spinnerets with its back legs and cocoons the prey. Very often web-hunting spiders envenomate prey after subduing them with silk first, and that would've added to their story... oh well.