Sunday, September 29, 2013

Concert Window Open

Here's me and my son Dan, in New York City today.

Dan is the creator of the web-streaming venue called Concert Window Open.

My wife Jeanette and I did a 45 minute webcast tonight with 160 participants from all over the US and around the world. As I painted in casein, there were insightful questions, fun banter, and a lot of helpful information exchanged among the participants. 

I would like to thank everyone who joined in, and I really appreciate your generous tips. Sorry the show can't be archived, but the idea is to make each show ephemeral. For those who missed it, we hope to see you at the next show. 

If you're an artist or a musician, and you would like to host your own monetized webshow, give it a try. It's easy and free to set up. You can do it from your home or studio. And you'll be part of the invention of an entirely new broadcast medium. Here's more information about Concert Window Open.


Tom Hart said...

This was great fun, and so informative. It was like being at a live demo, and maybe even better in some ways , because "we" were really looking over your shoulder. Thanks to you and Jeanette for a great virtual evening! :^)

Jacob A Stevens said...

Thanks so much for a fantastic web cast. It was such a privilege to watch the Dinotopia artist paint a dinosaur live right before my eyes!

At the end of the webcast you asked for ideas for future webcasts. I would be curious to see you elaborate on and demonstrate the BLAST principles that you blogged about in 2009. I've heard variations on the BLAST rules before, but that I've had trouble integrating them into my own work. Why should you use the biggest brush possible? Why should you soften as much as possible? It would be great to see you explain these ideas as you paint. And if you were painting a triceratops, I wouldn't complain :)

arturoquimico said...

Dan (and Jeannette)... I really enjoyed the live demo last night, and see that it was a "labor of love"... something you all enjoy doing and that made it great. I wanted to contribute properly and was unsure how to compensate... I read that there was a 60/40 split with you and the Concert Window, so when I registered I paid what I thought was a fee going in so you'd get 60%. However, once in, there was a separate virtual "tip" jar and then I wondered if I was supposed to have paid an entry fee separate from the "tip". Can you please advise, so I can know how to compensate my fair share next time. I might be a cheapskate, but not a bum or mooch.

James Gurney said...

Arturo: Hello, James here. Glad you enjoyed the show that Jeanette and I did. No worries about payment or tips. It was 'pay what you want' and it worked out fine. Concert Window (Dan) gets 1/3 of tickets and tips. He's our son, by the way, and he's been working hard to launch this new company.