Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Punch Drunk Moustache

Punch Drunk Moustache is the name of an art book showcasing the images and stories by eight animation industry artists working on their dream projects in their spare time, when they're not working as concept artists for Sony and LucasFilm.

The artists include Amy Beth Christenson, Max Lim, Jeff Sangalli, John-Paul Balmet, Will Nichols, Nate Watson, Sean Pando and Chris Voy. Each has a penchant for storytelling, and it's inspiring to see the various ways they use the modes of comics, film, and picture books to introduce their characters and worlds.

Each artist's chapter runs 14 pages, which gives them enough space to tell a tight story or to invite the reader to conjure a whole world. Besides being an impressive collection of artwork, this is a great book for anyone interested in learning more about the way a concept artist thinks.

Punch Drunk Moustache: Visual Development for Animation and Beyond


David Glenn said...

This does look interesting. I hope some of these projects get the green light.

Elena Jardiniz said...

You are evil! Just so you know. You have introduced me to so many wonderful (mostly) reasonably priced art books that my library is about stuffed now and culling must happen. I hate culling books; I am something of a book/art supply/craft supply hoarder.