Sunday, September 29, 2013

Links for tonight's webcast

For those watching my casein painting demo on  tonight's webcast at 7:00, (9:00 AM Australian time) here are some links for things I'll be using:

Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook

Winsor & Newton Series 995 flat nylon brush
Richeson Quiller Round Size 6 or 7
Richeson Quiller 7010 Flat 1/2 inch

Jack Richeson Casein Colors
Titanium white
Cadmium yellow light
Yellow ochre
Raw sienna
Venetian red
Raw umber
Cadmium red scarlet
Rose red
Ultramarine blue deep
Cobalt blue
Cerulean blue
Cadmium green
Ivory black

Colored Pencils
Caran D'Ache Supracolor II Colored Pencils

Palette, Cups, etc
The metal lid of a colored pencil box spray-painted white
Nalgene Polypropylene Jar (2-Ounce)

(To hold water cup to palette) Fridge Super Magnets by Lee Valley Tools
Old t-shirt for paint rag

If you're reading this before 7:00 Eastern U.S. time, you can still join in. It goes from 7:00 to 7:40, and it only costs $1 to sign up at Concert Window Open.


Rasmus said...

Hi James,

I would really like to watch your webcast, but don't have a credit card. As someone mentioned already when you released "How I Paint Dinosaurs", could you ask Dan if there are any plans to incorporate alternative payment options into Concert Window?

Have a great show!

Unknown said...

Fantastic Demo and conversation! Thanks so much for doing it! Would Love to see a practical webcast session on the use of the Yurmby wheel please - Again - Thank you and Travel Safe -

Unknown said...

Thank you again - that was great - really fun and informative! Would love to see a practical webcast session on the use of the Yurmby wheel please -
Thank you again and travel safe!
Joanne :0)

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Joanne, and everyone who attended. Rasmus, I'm assuming there are some practical difficulties with Paypal, but I'll ask Dan about it.