Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things to Come

I would like to announce about some exciting things coming up on GurneyJourney:

September 24: New Video Release
Next Tuesday's post will be the release of an important illustration that I spent a good deal of time earlier this year working on, along with a new companion video about the making of that painting. Creating the painting was the artistic journey of a lifetime that took me halfway around the world. 

Sept. 29 Webcast 7:00 pm Eastern time
The following Sunday, I will do my second Concert Window live streaming webshow. This time, by popular request, I'll do a 40-minute demo in casein, painting from a maquette. Jeanette will read your questions and comments as I work. You can sign up to host your own ConcertWindow webshow—it's free to set one up, and the slots are filling fast. Find out more.

Oct. 4-5 Society of Animal Artists
In October, I'll be attending the Society of Animal Artists convention in Vermont, so I'll let you know about that great organization and the art and artists that are a part of it.

Oct. 15 Cranbrook Inst. Lecture
As part of its exhibition "Dinosaurs: A Lost World," Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan will host me for a lecture and booksigning.

We'll also explore the wilds of Detroit and and the historic Greenfield Village, with a sketchbook, of course.

American Adventure
After that we take a big car trip out to Colorado in our van Trusty Rusty to see our son who lives above 9000 feet in the Rockies. He gets the car, and we get a train ticket home via Amtrak. More sketching!

Oct. 27 Lecture, Arkell Museum, NY
Then I'll be giving a lecture and book signing at the opening of the next big Dinotopia exhibition at the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie.

Hope to see you at one of those places, and if you can't make it, you'll read about it on the blog.


Steve said...

I was guessing you'd be blogging this morning about the sale of three Norman Rockwell paintings, but it's even better to read your line up of "exciting things." The calendar is now marked for a short trip to Cranbrook on October 15th!

Jacob A Stevens said...

Hi My. Gurney,
I'm a bit confused about the exact time of the Casein Webcast. In the blog entry it says that it will be at 9pm amd doesn't give a time zone, but on the Concert Window Open site it says that it will be at 7:00pm EDT. Unless I'm doing my math wrong (which is certainly possible) those two times don't match, unless you're broadcasting from outside the US.

I just ordered some casein so I don't want to miss this.


James Gurney said...

Jacob, thanks for noticing. My mistake. It should be 7:00 pm Eastern time. I changed it in the post.

Steve, look forward to seeing you, and thanks in advance for making the trip over.

Jacob A Stevens said...

Fantastic, thanks! I can't wait.

PS: Oops, I just noticed that I called you "My" Gurney instead of "Mr" Gurney. I promise, I don't feel possessive of you. :)

David Glenn said...

Sounds like you've got a pretty full schedule coming up.

Bruce said...

I was wondering if you ever made your way to southeast Michigan and now you are! I look forward to seeing your lecture and meeting you at Cranbrook.