Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Toulouse Minotaur

The street theater company La Machine has introduced a giant spider and a minotaur in Toulouse, France. (Link to YouTube video)

According to the New York Times:
"The goal of the project is to make the 'city and its residents all part of a vast work of art by giving them a common topic to react to so that they would 'talk to each other' and 'the whole city becomes a place of theater.' The Toulouse Minotaur, who has been named Astérion, arrived on the evening of Nov. 1 and slowly made its way down the streets as people stood and gawked. It was transported to the vast square in front of the majestic building that houses the city administration."
The Deep Sea Diver
The Sultan's Elephant


Pierre Fontaine said...

The photo of the Minotaur blowing smoke towards the people on the balconies looks like an illustration from your Dinotopia books.

Khylov said...

Thought the same thing. Life imitates art.

Unknown said...

Not at all like Dinotopia. Strikes me as rather atrocious.

Khylov said...

Well now we all know. Thanks unknown.