Sunday, May 5, 2019

Lilac Hunters

(Link to YouTube) On Saturday, we joined a group of plein air painters and urban sketchers at the New York Botanical Garden for a day of painting flowers.

For the first sketch, my goal was to capture how people interact with flowers. Watercolor is one of the quickest media for such character studies. I like to capture just an impression of the silhouette and action as quickly as possible.

We were there for a special "NYBG Plein Air Invitational" event.


Pierre Fontaine said...

Off topic but I'm impressed that you could attend the festival yesterday, edit your footage and get a video out by the end of the day. That's as impressive as the beautiful art that you produced yesterday as well.

You sir, remain an inspiration on so many levels!

Steve said...

Beautiful, inspiring work, as always. Love that you had both a zoomed-in close up of flower clusters as well as “the big picture,” the people in the garden. That combination of near/far vantage points makes a visual journal so evocative when revisited later.

And Kev provided a quick advertisement for anchoring one’s umbrella somewhere other than the easel — or for fashioning a small shade screen out of file folder hangers...

Matt said...

Love those people. Great work.