Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Unconventional Oil Techniques

Many of you have asked for an oil painting tutorial, and here it is: "Unconventional Oil Techniques."(Link to trailer)

Yes, I'm painting dinosaurs, but this video will focus less on the tyrannosaurs and more on the technique.

I’ll walk you through all the tools and materials and I’ll show how I make preliminary sketches in gouache to plan composition and color.

As I develop each painting, I’ll break away to demonstrate 11 different ways to apply the paint. To make it simple and clear, I’ll use just black and white, and I’ll keep everything in the shot, including the mixing palette and the medium cups, so there’s no mystery and you can see exactly what I’m doing.

If you’re new to painting in oils, you can try these black and white exercises along with me and get the feeling of basic techniques, like transparent glazing vs. opaque scumbling, oiling up to activate a dry surface, and using a palette knife for effects that you can’t get with a brush.

For more experienced painters who want to try out new approaches, you'll find a wealth of tips and tricks, such as pre-texturing with modeling paste, dabbing with waxed paper, and blending a gradation with a palette-knife. Learning these secrets will help you achieve an illusionistic paint surface, with fast drying times ideally suited to deadline work.

For ASMR fans, I’m also releasing an alternate version where I have removed the voiceover, so it’s just the soothing, immersive experience of pure painting, ideal for people who don’t speak English or who want the video to play in the background of their studio.

So dive in and grab your copy of "Unconventional Oil Techniques."
Digital download at Gumroad
Digital download at Sellfy
DVD from manufacturer (link fixed)


Tom Hart said...

A welcome addition to your opus, for sure! As of this morning (5/1), the link to order the DVD doesn't appear to be working. (I find that for the videos I most treasure, I like to own a hardcopy.)

msp said...

I just spent 17.95 for what I thought was the DVD but somehow ended being something called Sellfy. And I can't find how to do Sellfy. I'm lost. Don't want a "download"" I'm not too computer savvy and want the DVD. What to do?

Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

James, re your April 27 post & comments be a subject for a video someday?

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Tom. I fixed the DVD link in the post. It should be

MSP, please contact me by email and I'll fix that for you and make sure you get the DVD.

Timothy, I'm planning to cover color on the next feature tutorial, and that will be one topic included.

Richard said...

Great course. I have a question. What is it about Terra Rosa that seems to make it you red of choice in several mediums.

James Gurney said...

Richard, it's because terra rosa is what I have on hand. Next month I'll be back to perylene maroon or English red.

Jim Williams said...

A very useful and instructive video! I'm already applying it to what I'm painting. Don't know if this is any use but I use a grey or other pale watercolour pencil for the layout as it is so easy to correct with a moist rag.No eraser crumbs. You can go over it with pencil whatever later if need be.
Thanks greatly!

Joh said...

At 16:10 in the video the voiceover audio cuts out for about half a minute, when he's showing how the warm & grey swatches are actually the same value. I hope a corrected/patched version of the video will be available for download eventually, but until then the audio works in the Youtube sample here: starting at 7:05.

James Gurney said...

Joh, You're right, and I noticed that too. Basically what I meant to include there is an explanation of how the gray swatches are all pretty much the same value, which you can see when you isolate them against white, turn them around and desaturate them.

Unknown said...

Ordered DVD on May 2 - Order no. 0440-9477-9636-0790. Have not received yet, any idea when to expect it? Birthday gift for my husband.

Unknown said...

Irene SanFilippo Sorry for being "Unknown"
Ordered DVD on May 2 - Order no. 0440-9477-9636-0790. Have not received yet, any idea when to expect it? Birthday gift for my husband.

James Gurney said...

Unknown, I checked that number and found your order at the manufacturer, Kunaki. It is listed as "refunded" and "pending." Perhaps you might check with the customer service at and see what happened to the payment.

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking.