Friday, May 31, 2019

Using Gouache for Preliminary Sketches

For quick preliminary sketches, there's nothing like gouache, watercolor, and water-soluble colored pencils. 

I use them in combination to paint preliminary compositional studies before embarking on a final illustration. They're a fast, fun, and and low-risk medium that dries quickly, letting you experiment with endless variations.

In this video, (Link to YouTube), I paint one sample thumbnail sketch in real time using transparent watercolor, then film the creation two other layout concepts in time lapse.

I also demonstrate how to use scaled-down laser prints of the final line drawing glued down with acrylic matte medium in order to test ideas for color schemes.

The final paleo-art paintings were created in oil, and were used to illustrate an article on T.rex that appeared in the May, 2019 issue of Ranger Rick Magazine.

This is an extended sample from "Unconventional Oil Techniques"
Check out the full tutorial video, which is full of practical art instruction for all levels.
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