Wednesday, May 15, 2019

On the Way to Dog Park

Smooth, the husky, wants to get out and play with other dogs. So we drive to the dog park. I'm sitting in the back seat with my sketchbook open.

I start painting Smooth with his mouth closed. But once he opens it, I change my mind and want to capture that doggy smile, with the tongue draped over his teeth and the red color on the underside. 

I'm using watercolor with casein white on a casein underpainting. It's a fairly non-absorbent surface that makes the paint float on the surface. But it's nice for getting fur textures. (Link to video on Facebook)
Video tutorial: "Painting Animals from Life"

Digital download:
69 minutes Widescreen, MP4 video. 
at Sellfy
at Gumroad 
at Cubebrush 



nuum said...

Hey, Smooth !
We love you !
Thanks, Master.

Tom C. said...

Hi James,
When you paint from life, do you see your subjects in paint strokes?

Stephen and Nyree said...

I have never tried watercolor over casein, do you need to use a more dry brush?

Tyler J said...

Another great one, James.

I love how many of your pieces absolutely nail the essence of the thing. You can almost smell his breath in this one