Saturday, May 4, 2019

Plein-Air Painters at Lilac Weekend

Gerard van Spaendonck
The lilacs will be in full flower Saturday, May 4 at the New York Botanical Gardens, where it's Lilac Weekend. Jeanette and I will be at the Gardens today along with a group of invited artists for the Fourth Annual Plein Air Invitational.


Thom Rozendaal said...

Though I do consider myself very lucky to live near the beautiful (and oldest in the world) botanical garden here in Pisa, Italy, I am dying to visit the New York one one day. I wish our botanical garden was a little bit more engaging with events like this but I guess the audience isn't really there for it in a small town like Pisa. I often go there to draw or paint and have never seen anyone else do the same

Tom C. said...

Hope you had a good day at the gardens. I was just struck by a statement you made on the aspen forest video. “80% of the painting is setting up for the Pay off” in this case the yellows and highlights,very profound. Thanks again
I think as a beginner often times we can’t see the forest for the highlights.