Sunday, July 21, 2019

David Webb's book "Painting in Watercolor"

I'm pleased that David Webb included my little donut-jar painting in his instructional book on watercolor painting.

Watercolor is a subject that demands both practical information and guiding theory. Webb starts out with a thorough chapter on tools and materials, and then he shows a variety of techniques, such as gradated washes, wet on wet, wet on dry, and drybrush.

He demonstrates each of these techniques using step-by-step examples, and includes a few sidebars explaining troubleshooting solutions for problems that can happen, such as the paint smearing when the masking fluid is removed.

In the back of the book he invites well-known watercolorists such as Thomas Schaller, Jane Freeman, and John Lovett to explain their unique approaches in more detail.

Throughout the book, the text and captions are thoughtfully integrated with the visuals. Webb lists materials used in a given demo and gives helpful examples of each painting strategy.

The artwork is well photographed and the 256-page hardbound, 9x12-inch book is attractively designed and printed.

The emphasis is on a loose, colorful, and relaxed approach to the medium. Both the beginner and the experienced painter will find much inspiration and useful advice.

Painting in Watercolor: The Indispensable Guide