Friday, July 12, 2019

Feeding Time at the Barn

At feeding time, the horses gather around the barn waiting for their afternoon hay.

I draw their outline in colored pencil and then begin adding watercolor washes. (Link to video)

The top planes of the horse catch the blue of the sky.


Lou said...

Smooth looks kinda perturbed here. Musta just caught him at a bad moment!

Bevan said...

I love the blue reflections, sometimes I feel odd adding those colors I see that my brain says aren't what I should be seeing. I guess it's part of learning to paint what you see.

James Gurney said...

Lou, you're right. He didn't like being tied on his leash, but we were near a busy road and a lot of horses.
Stephen, I probably pushed the blue color a little but I find that to get those color effects you sometimes have to exaggerate a bit.