Monday, July 1, 2019

Harry Rountree's Animal Illustrations

Harry Rountree (1878-1950) was a illustrator who was born in New Zealand and moved to England when he was a young man. He illustrated lots of subjects but specialized in animals. 

These pups pulling a carriage of cats are bogging down in the snow. The round shapes of the heads create a strong repeating theme.

In this illustration of young rabbits meeting an owl in the forest, he left out detail to create flat shapes and graphic impact.

Harry Rountree Walrus and the Carpenter

He illustrated many books, including Uncle Remus (1906) and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  (1908), which produced over 90 illustrations.


Steve said...

First, Happy Canada Day to everyone.

I’ve long been fond of Rountree’s work. Interesting to note his name is spelled “Rowntree” on the cover of the Uncle Remus volume.

Rich said...

There's a trifle too much anatomy and demarkation for such fantasy subjects, in my view.
Great illustrations though.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

The owl and the rabbit illustrations, the style, coloring have been a favorite since I began to read. More vibrant colored illustrations aren't as comforting. It makes me wonder how much of art in children books carry over into our tastes as adults.

Charley parker said...

He did a beautiful set of illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: