Thursday, July 11, 2019

International Artist, August Issue

The next issue of International Artist Magazine will take a look at the oil painting techniques I used for my recent Tyrannosaurus paintings. 

Two of the original paintings will be on view in September in Cincinatti.
YouTube video: Oil Painting with Textural Effects
Check out the full tutorial video Unconventional Oil Techniques, which is full of practical art instruction for all levels. Review on Lines and Colors
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Virginia Fhinn said...

Hey, I wasn't sure where the best place to ask this question, so I hope here is somewhat relevant and won't get lost in the sea of old comments.... I'm reading through "Color and Light" again, it's a great resource. I notice that almost all the paintings in it are oil, but almost all of the videos on your channel are for watercolour or gouache. Did you at some point make a conscious decision not to work in oil for plein air, or did it just happen? Is it because the water based paints are more mobile? I'd love to see a video of an oil plein air (I'm really curious about how you go about premixing on-the-spot), is that something you might do in the future? Thanks again for the great videos and this amazing blog, it is a wonderful source of reference and inspiration.

James Gurney said...

Hi, Fhinn, It's a fair question and an OK place to ask it. I still love oil and use it for most of my studio work. I haven't painted in oil on location as much recently however, because I like the speed, easy cleanup, and lower toxicity of water media, which allows me to paint anywhere, even indoors. I also like having the images bound together in books. Selling the physical paintings isn't as important to me; they live their life more in the form of print, video, and online publications. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll return to oil plein air eventually, and if I do, the video is sure to follow.

Virginia Fhinn said...

Thanks for your reply, I was thinking the switch might have something to do with the ease of water-soluble paints. Do you think someone who is fairly new to painting should stick to one medium until they are comfortable, or is it worthwhile to dabble in all things to experiment? I picked up oils a few years ago and there is such a huge path of learning, I still feel like I haven't quite "Got it". To some extent I think that will be a lifelong thing, haha.