Monday, July 29, 2019

Painting Method: Start with Patches, Finish with Details

(Link to video) Jeanette and I stop in the wine country of California to paint with our friend Christopher Evans.


I'm using a method where I start with a simple patchwork of color and then add details with fine brushes and dry brush techniques.

I'm using a limited palette of watercolor and gouache.
1. Titanium white (gouache)
2. Cadmium yellow (gouache)
3: Yellow ochre (watercolor)
4. Transparent red oxide (watercolor)
5. Pyrrol red (watercolor) 
6. Cobalt blue hue (gouache)
4. Prussian blue (gouache)


Stephen and Nyree said...

Looks great and congrats on the 1 million views for the last video. You are a pro. I love this video as well.

Wendy Line said...

This could be in Australia. A lovely painting James and congrats on all your new YouTube subscribers. With the quality of your videos it’s well deserved.

Charley parker said...

Nice. One of your best short videos, and a beautiful painting.