Monday, July 15, 2019

The Stag Wagon Chased by Hounds

Lord Orford and His Stags, by Lionel Edwards
Lionel Edwards illustrated this scene taken from the life of the eccentric Earl of Orford. "One day he happened to be driving his team of four stags from his Norfolk country seat, Houghton Hall, to Newmarket, at the same time as the Essex Hounds were out. The hounds by misfortune picked up the scent of the deer as the Earl was nearing his destination, and promptly gave chase. Their 'cry' frightened the stags, who got out of control and galloped hell for leather into the town, and dashed through the gates of an inn into the courtyard. A potboy with great presence of mind banged the gates to, after them, thus cutting off the hounds."
From the book Royal Newmarket, illustrated by Lionel Edwards.


Bevan said...

I have always shied away from drawing or painting people. I have told myself they are just too hard and I finally realized that was only an excuse. During the last seven months I have done a portrait everyday, to get better and overcome my fears. I look at the face of the driver in this scene. It is very believable ,but really only the suggestion of features, amazing. Sometimes I think I am trying to hard.

Rich said...

What a dynamic portraiyal of animals!
The dog is most astonishingly captured. Wonder if he used some photographic English word; I mean reference.

Reverence applies to Mr.Lionel Edwards.

James Gurney said...

Rich, I agree, the portrayal of animals and the handling of dogs and faces is top notch, but I don't think the value organization is very strong in this one because it doesn't clearly silhouette the stags.

Stephen, your comment reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon:
"Charlie Brown: "I note that you drew him with his hands behind his back. This is because you, yourself, have feelings of insecurity."
Linus: "No. I did that because I, myself, can't draw hands!"

Bevan said...

Peanuts always contained such great wisdom. Thanks James.

Rich said...

Quite agree with you, James: Those fantastically portrayed stags have almost been "thrown away", by lack of said value organization.