Thursday, June 9, 2022

Architectural Maquette

 I make the archway maquette to the same 1/72 scale as a set of tiny dinosaur maquettes by David Krentz.

The arch is made out of foam core board and mat board hot-glued together, with domes made of Styrofoam balls. I cover the structure with gesso and modeling paste and paint it in acrylic. The wall on the left is made from toy wooden blocks, which cast a shadow on the left of the scene.

I set up the tableau outdoors on a plywood base. It's possible to rotate the whole arrangement until the sun is shining into the scene at an interesting angle. I want to know how the forms are affected by the reflected light bouncing up from the warm, sandy surface in the foreground.


Michaelangelo Reina said...

May I ask? where is the point at which you make decisions to part from the details in the Maquette you made? Do you decide to change elements while working on the the final drawing? or do you do another few passes at drawing to work that out?

James Gurney said...

I'm never satisfied with the references I make or accumulate, even though they help a lot. The final drawing is the stage where I try many variations until I get what I want.