Monday, June 27, 2022

Baby Sketch and 35 Years Later

On a hot, humid night 35 years ago, I sketched my new son as he slept, wondering where life would take him. 

Here's a video of him now. He's an Irish accordion player as well as a coder. He helped do the computer work for a new digital exhibition that will launch on June 29 called "From the Bridge: A View of Irish Traditional Music in New York."

ITMA is committed to preserving, digitizing, and presenting valuable recordings of Irish music.


arturoquimico said...

How wonderful that you have a child interested in music. My grandfather Arthur Walsh was a violinist and a tone tester for Thomas Edison. I've been playing guitar for over 60 years. However, I could not interest one child or grandchild into becoming a musician. Your encouragement has paid off. Congratulations!

Ezra Suko said...

That's so cool! How old was he in this sketch? We had a baby girl 2 weeks ago and I've been trying to find the time and energy to sketch her. I've managed to get a couple of sketches while she naps.

Susan Krzywicki said...

Wow! Apples and trees.

nuum said...

Artist parents.
Family talent.
Same voice.

Unknown said...

from John Taft

How great to see this video and family history sketches of your eldest.