Friday, June 24, 2022

How They Made Prehistoric Planet

This behind-the-scenes mini documentary (link to YouTube) shows how they made the nature documentary called Prehistoric Planet, which recreates the structure and movement of dinosaurs in strikingly believable ways.

To match the photo-real look of a David Attenborough narrated nature documentary, they consulted with scientists, extrapolated from modern birds and other animals, and used the latest digital tools.


Javier Araujo said...

Maybe you will enjoy this shortfilms too:

Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

Jim, I fully appreciate what has been accomplished, and certainly it's a valuable asset in helping scientists visualise function while in pursuit of veracity & generating more specific questions and hypothesis as to dinosaur function.
But for pleasure as well as a sense of the aforementioned,I honestly benefit far more from your Dinotopia works. Your hand and mind convey weight, depth & balance and concept far beyond even your conscious knowledge and effort, which is considerable.

Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

PS: I'm a bit awkward in my comments and always find I miss something ... this time is that while those folks managed a stellar feat, I do not get a sense of realism, I feel rather something cold & synthetic, as compared to your works, wherein, as Norman Rockwell did in his, you capture a moment of warmth just after and just before in a narrative of implied action, behaviour, emotion and thought. My imagination concerning reality is stimulated from your implication, while the CG is a comparatively cold statement leaving nil for the imagination yet is fascinating; implication, based on reality, is what involves an audience into participation.

As for the CG people, hats off to you; this is not a criticism, maybe I'm out of step, and a different audience may experience depth, warmth & realism.