Friday, June 10, 2022

Painting Tips for an Urban Scene

Here are some painting tips for capturing the big-box landscape in gouache,

• Mustard-colored casein priming (done first in the studio) doesn't activate when rewet.

• In the drawing stage, I'm looking for key landmarks in the scene, which I use for measurements and alignments.

• The drawing is more a scaffolding or a foundation than it is a detailed underdrawing.

• By not making the drawing too elaborate, I'm more willing to paint over it, which is important in gouache.

• The sky is the keynote of every landscape, so I paint it first and paint my way to the foreground.
• With such an insistent priming color, I need to use opaques to cover it up.

• Limited gouache palette: white, cadmium yellow deep, burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue.

Watch the 5 minute video on YouTube, linked in bio.

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